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  • Sorry Pyra Potter but why don't you run of with Ron? Harry Potter - Lucky you, out of all the girls at Hogwarts, Harry wants you. After everything that he's been through, he's just happy that your the one thing in his world that hasn't changed.

    Guess I'll have to deal with him as all the quizzes I've done give me the same result.

  • Your Result: Oliver Wood

    This Quidditch captain is yours. He's a keeper alright. You hate to see him hit with Bludgers and cheer him on from the stands. No matter what, he loves you and you love him.

    As expected :3

  • Wow! Harry will hate when I tell him this!
    Harry: tell me what?
    Me: awkward.....

    Harry : *sees result* You seriously got matched up with my best friend?

    Me: these aren't ALWAYS right!
    Harry: I know

    Pyra Potter
  • Olivier, sigh

  • RONALD WEASLY!?i hate him...


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