Who is my best friend?

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Its kinda about me, and its awesome....you should try getting an 100 on it and i will give you a virtual high five! im good at those........YOU SHOULD BE TOO!

BLAH! who put the lights out? try to do good on this after wards on it! I mean...Im in it and so is my bff! what did you have to lose? NOTHING! exactly.

Created by: IDontKnowMyName

  1. Who is my bff?
  2. Who am I?
  3. What am I?
  4. Where am I?
  5. Who all do I love?
  6. what lauguage is this? ~~~,~ ~~~~ ~~~~.
  7. what is this?
  8. Am I smart ?
  9. Whats my fav color?
  10. Is this test stupid?

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