Are you truly BFF's?

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Many people out there have best friends but some...... aren't so sure. If you are one of those people who are not so sure if your best friend.... it your best friend. Then take this quiz!

Do you have a best friend? Maybe your not so sure she/he is really your best friend. Curious? Take the quiz then. If you liked it then have your best friend take it!

Created by: TheHamstergirl11

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  1. How long have you known your BFF?
  2. Do you know your BFF's...
  3. How many fights do you and your BFF get in each week?
  4. Does your BFF like pie?
  5. What is your BFF's favorite channel?
  6. What is your BFF's hair color?
  7. Is your BFF shy or bubbly?
  8. What is your BFF's favorite color?
  9. Does your BFF like Twilight or Harry Potter?
  10. If your BFF is having a bad hair day you...
  11. Did you like this quiz?
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Quiz topic: Am I truly BFF's?