Are you a good best friend/ friend

This quiz is to tell what type of friend you are. Are you a great friend? Are you an okay friend? Are you a horrible friend? Well if you don't know this quiz will tell you.

Only a few friends are true. Most people are just friends or best friends, but there are only a few true friends. True friends forgive each other after fights. They are kind and never have big fights/

Created by: yumyum

  1. Do you have your own group?
  2. If you answered yes to Question 3, how many people are in it?
  3. Do you like being at school? And why
  4. How many people do you sit with at lunch?
  5. What is you favorite color
  6. What color are your eyes
  7. HEY HEY HEY: )
  8. Will you rate or comment
  9. Did you like this quiz
  10. Have you taken any of my other quizzes?
  11. BYE

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Quiz topic: Am I a good best friend/ friend