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Friendship is one of the most precious thing we have. Sometimes we forget how to be a good friend. But after all - what keeps us back up when we fall is our friends. We got to show them how much we are lucky to have them around, and tell them we will allways be there for them.

But, are YOU a good friend? should you be a better friend? Or, are your friends lucky to have you? Come and figure it out in this quiz. You can allways change who you are, it's never too late. (:

Created by: Avital

  1. When your friend asks to lend money, what do you do?
  2. Do you often blame your friends for something they didn't do?
  3. You have a big event coming up, and you are bery excited. Sudennly one of your best friends has a big problem and needs your help. What will you do?
  4. You and your friend planed something for a couple weeks, and you're really looking forword it. At the last minute your friend tells you he won't make it. How do you react?
  5. You had a big fight with one of your best friends. Who will say he'll sorry first?
  6. Your friend did a terrible thing, that hurt you badly. He asks for your forgivness, will you forgive him?
  7. Your friend wore something horrifying that looks really redecilous. What will you tell him.
  8. Your friend and you love the same person, what will you do?
  9. Do you rather give your friends something, or recive something?
  10. What friendship means for you?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good friend?