Are You A Good Friend?

There are many people out there, but very few are good friends with each other. What is a good friend anyway? A best friend is someone whose there for you. Someone who cares.

Are you are good friend? Do you have what it takes to be a good friend. Until now, you dont know but after this quiz you'll know. You'll know the truth.

Created by: RedWolf5739

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  1. Your sitting down eating your lunch when you see a group go over to a loney boy and call him very dirty names. You?
  2. Your girl'friend really wants to go to California and meet Robert Pattinson. She says if you do, you'd be the best friend she ever had! You?
  3. Your friend makes a quiz and wants you to try it. You say you will but wait until 5 days later. Why?
  4. Your in your friends car. He says he loves the song thats playing. You hate it! You dont want to hurt his feeling but you dont want to listin to the song eirther. what do you do?
  5. Your brother just got engaged. How do you celibrate?
  6. Think hard. What is your best friends favorite color?
  7. Your sisters best friend just broke your guitar. What happens next?
  8. what color is your hair?
  9. Turns out your friends parents died. Your friend is now quite and sad all the
  10. Why did you take this quiz? Truthfully?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Friend?