Who Do You Like More?

Sometimes in life, girls fall for two different guys.. Sometimes, even more than two! But obviously, you can't date two guys! So this quiz is to HELP you decide who you like more.

Please don't listen to JUST my quiz. I would like you to look at this as a guideline. It is accurate, HOWEVER, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART!! Best of luck, enjoy!:)

Created by: 5soslove

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Label your two crushes, #1 and #2. Don't base it off of anything, it's just how to know the difference between the two without using names. Who do you find the most attractive, physically(body, face)?
  2. Who do you know better?
  3. Who do you find yourself around the most, and think about why
  4. Who do you talk to most?
  5. Who do you think of more often?
  6. Say that you just received texts from both of these boys, which one do you open first?
  7. Take a moment to think of everything you like about guy #1... Now, think of everything you like about guy #2. Which one do YOU think you like more?
  8. Who has the most in common with you?
  9. Who is the closest to your age? (not much effect)
  10. Who do YOU personally think would make the BEST boyfriend?
  11. Okay...now that you've thought about everything...Before you see your results, I want you to look deep into your heart and think about it. Forget anything I said; who do you like most? Now...Look at your results! Were you right? I hope this helped, please rate and comment, and I wish you the best of luck in life :)
  12. That last question had no effect, btw, and neither does this one :)

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Quiz topic: Who do I Like More?