Who Are You Sonic or Shadow

There could be more than 1 Sonic and more than 1 Shadow ARE YOU worthy for the job???????????????????????? We'll see when your results appear when you finish the quiz!!! Now Choose wisley! XD

Are You worthy to be Sonic A.K.A a huge hero?OR will you end up with Shadow A.K.A a huge Villain Until now you'll wonder in just 5 minutes or so you'll find out!!

Created by: Alexei
  1. Is your girlfriend
  2. What do you use for a weapon
  3. Are You Wanting Dead by a soldier guy XD
  4. What Vehicle Do you Use
  5. are you dead
  6. What's your favorite color
  7. Do you really run fast or you fake run
  8. who do you predict you will be
  9. Do you wear sunglasses
  10. What Video game would you like to be in?

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Quiz topic: Who am I Sonic or Shadow