Who Are You. Ruben, Joel, or Thomas

There are three friends. Ruben, Joel, and Phillip. They're completly different yet they are all best friends. They do allmost everything together and can never stop thinking about girls.

Which one are YOU? Which games do you you prefer. Find out if you are Ruben Joel or Thomas. Find out if you are tough ar cowardly. See if you have bad or strange taste. See which on of these kids you are

Created by: phillip

  1. If you could wear one piece of colting and nothing else wat would it be
  2. Out of the following two sports which would you rather play?
  3. Out of the following two sports which would you rather play?
  4. What would you rather listen to...
  5. Which Would you rather play
  6. If you had a choice between a hot 6th grader a cute 7th grader and a ugly 8th grader which would you choose
  7. Would you rather wear nikes or adiddas
  8. wich do you have
  9. Which do you prefer
  10. Which do like better
  11. Which do like better

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Quiz topic: Who am I. Ruben, Joel, or Thomas