Who are you in the fuller house family?

I'll give the whole of Europe and Africa combined a population of 8526,4762,4945,9623 human beings and like 4762,8236 are geniuses.The rest (I don't know about them) This test right here is about to tell us where you're from

Are you a genius?Are you hoping to the character you were expecting? What character do yout think character to get? After you click that button down there,brace yourself to figure out who you are

Created by: Mark Azelart

  1. How often do you make mistakes?
  2. Who loves cracking unnecessary jokes?
  3. Who is extremely good at singing?
  4. Who is likely to be a geek?
  5. Who's name is Katsopolis?
  6. Who is Stephanie's boyfriend/husband?
  7. Who is the cleanest in the family of fuller house?
  8. Who was D.J supposed to pick between?
  9. Who's real cast name is Adam Hagenbuch?
  10. Who are D.J's three children?

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Quiz topic: Who am I in the fuller house family?