Who are you in the 80s rock scene?

Let’s get in the time machine and time travel back to one of the greatest generations in history, the 1980s. There was many times of music then, but my favorite is rock.

If you’re like me, and you like rock, this quiz is perfect for you. You will find out who you are in the 80s rock scene. You could be a rockstar, or you could even be the paparazzi. Find out now!

Created by: Rainlovesrock
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  1. First off, do you even like 80s rock?
  2. What would people best describe you as?
  3. Let’s say your teacher assigns a project where you have to work with a group of 3 and write about a band from the 80s. What will you be doing? (If you’re not in school, pretend that you are)
  4. What’s the top three things that are the most important to you? (Pick the one that fits you best)
  5. How often do you listen to 80s rock?
  6. Describe yourself in one word.
  7. What word appeals to you?
  8. Which of these instruments appeals to you?
  9. This has no effect on your answer, but which one of these bands/ singers listed below is your favorite?
  10. Bye.

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Quiz topic: Who am I in the 80s rock scene?