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  • got Danielle. im NOT a sci freak! i HATE math & science (except for when it explains things in the world ;-D). luv HP, writing books, reading big books in a day, and getting A/Bs. what's BFFL? Bext Friends For Life?

  • First I got danielle and then I saw the name Sarah so I had to see what her description was its kida funny cause I'm alot like her exept the mean snobby part

  • K, i'm danllie! cool! but anyways i read what you said on the shut the f--k up about one direction.. and I LOVE YOU FOR IT!! i feel the same way!! i hope you read my post!! i hate it when people put them down!! when i'm down they are the only ones who can cheer me up!!! keep loving them sister i hope to talk to you soon!!

  • aww! i got hannah she sounds totally awesome! U ROCK!

  • I qot Katie:D She is like me in so many wayz :D Well Cool


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