Who are you in my social friend group?

In my social friendship group at school, I have four girls. Well, three actually since one of them is practically my enemy now. Do you want to know who you are in my social friendship group?

Are you smart, nice and bookworm Danielle? Or athletic and caring Hannah? How about fashionable and girly Katie? Or are you mean, rude Sarah who is my enemy now? Find out now and take this quiz!

Created by: Ellie M of this site
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  1. do you like harry potter?
  2. do you like fashion?
  3. do you like sports?
  4. do you like math and science?
  5. do you have an amazing voice?
  6. do you like writing stories in your spare time?
  7. can you get a bit mean when things dont go your way?
  8. do you do cheerleading/dance??
  9. describe your personality in three words :) GO!
  10. what shoes are your favorite???

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Quiz topic: Who am I in my social friend group?