What Social Group Would You Be In?

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People often wonder where they belong in terms of social groups. Well, here you can figure it out. Are you an athletic jock? Or a smart nerd? What about an artistic girl next door?

With this quiz you can find out into which of these exclusive cliques you belong. Just so you know these results may not be accurate to you and if you aren't in any clique, that cool! This is just to find out who you'd fit in with best!

Created by: Erin Winter
  1. Someone you don't know well invites you to a party. You...
  2. The 5K is today and it is mandatory. You have to run it. You...
  3. A friend offers you a cigarette. You...
  4. On weekends, you will be the one found at the...
  5. Your grades?
  6. What Divergent Faction would you be in?
  7. In books, who's your favorite character?
  8. What outfit are you most likely to wear?
  9. Your favorite kind of movie...
  10. Your favorite one direction guy?

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