What's your stereotype?

Ah, the cafeteria. A place to eat, a place between classes. But also a place where personalities and style separate us into tables. There's a table for the emos, a table where the preppy kids talk about what outfit they just bought from Hollister...the list goes on.

What are you? Punk: separating yourself from others with your originality and spunk? Preppy: Up to your Guicci necklace in the latest fashions? Emo: All alone, turning to pain to give the illusion that all your problems will go away? Goth: Dark in every way, shape and form? Jock: Sports are your speciality? Nerdy: Mmmm, brains? Norm: Don't really belong to any of these groups? Or gangsta: 50 Cent should worship you, fo shizzle? Try this quiz to find out! =)

Created by: Alanna
  1. What's your favourite colour?
  2. What are you doing on a Friday night?
  3. What's your average outfit?
  4. Who wrote "The Twelfth Night"?
  5. Where do you shop for clothes most often?
  6. Would you rather...
  7. What is/was your best subject?
  8. What's your current hair colour?
  9. What do you wear makeup-wise
  10. What do you wear jewelry-wise?
  11. How many piercings do you have?

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Quiz topic: What's my stereotype?