How much do you age stereotype?

This is a test to see how much you know about generation stereotypes. Do you think of baby boomers in the workplace the same as Gen Xers or Millennials?

Answer the questions as you think the stereotype would answer them. The comments after you answer will explain how the stereotype might be wrong or the reasons behind it.

Created by: Kaitlyn

  1. Who do you think most people would trust with an assignment that must be done on a computer?
  2. Who do you think most companies would see as the most expensive to have work for them?
  3. Which would companies see as more expensive?
  4. Which generation would stereotypically be the most loyal?
  5. Who would stereotypically be the least optimistic group?
  6. Stereotypically, which group would want the most balance between work and outside life?
  7. Which group would stereotypically see working together as one of the most important work values?
  8. Which group would most people think the most unwilling to change work habits?
  9. Which group would stereotypically get angry if they were not being able to contribute to the company?
  10. Which group would not be as concerned with strict hours?

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Quiz topic: How much do I age stereotype?