Do you have social smarts?

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Do you have what it takes to be Social Smart? Are you using social media to its full potential for maximum results? If you are using social media to promote your business, you need to be social smart.

Until now you could only wonder if you had social smarts. Thanks to our quiz, in just a few short minutes, you'll find out if you have social smarts. How socially smart are you?

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  1. Do you have a Facebook Fan Page or Places Page?
  2. Do you have custom iframe or FBML "tabs" with clear call to actions on your Facebook Page?
  3. Is your blog integrated into your Facebook Page?
  4. Do you have a newsletter sign up form or some other lead generation form on your Facebook Page?
  5. How often do you blog?
  6. Are you engaging on other blogs related to your industry?
  7. Do you have a Twitter Account?
  8. Do you tweet, retweet, respond to tweets, send "thank you" and "#follow friday"?
  9. Do you track the click thru rates of the links you share on social networks?
  10. Do you share your content on social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.?
  11. Are your blogs SEO optimized for your keywords?
  12. Do you share your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or other social sharing network such as SlideShare?
  13. Are you registered in twitter directories, such as Twellow or Twibes?
  14. Do you have a Flickr Account for sharing your photos?
  15. Do you share your presentations on social sharing sites?
  16. Do you have a LinkedIn Profile for yourself or your company?
  17. Do you actively participate in groups on LinkedIn?
  18. Have you added applications such as SlideShare or BoxNet to your LinkedIn profile?
  19. Are you following your customers on Twitter?
  20. Are you monitoring your competitors in social media?
  21. Are you monitoring your name, brand, and industry mentions in RSS Feeds, Google Alerts, and/or socialmention?
  22. Are you taking advantage of the full profile picture space allowed on your Facebook Page?
  23. Do you have social buttons on your website so visitors can connect with you in social media?
  24. Do you have an RSS button on your website so visitors can subscribe to your blog?
  25. Have you organized your followers on Twitter into Lists?
  26. Have you submitted your blog to Google and blog directories?

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