Who are you from wings of fire 11-15

Hi I am Ben and I am ten years old. Everyone knows who you are from Piria but who are from Pantala. If you don't you should check some of my other quizzes. But who are you from books 11-15?

When you really think about it you find out that if you just think about it in a different way and try to find some similarities. You might be able to find out on your on but if you want a quicker way take this quiz.

Created by: Benjamin Durrenberger
  1. You see an strange plant on your bed. You...
  2. Your trapped inside a pitcher plant. You have a knife, A cow bell, and a cellphone. Which do you use?
  3. Someone steals your lunch. What do you do.
  4. What is your favorite activity
  5. You see a reading monkey. You...
  6. You're in a gladiator ring facing your friend. You...
  7. You're at misbehavior's way. Someone is coming to sting you. You...
  8. Would you rather your country be taken over by an evil ruler or live on an island full of venomous snakes?
  9. Would you rather get blown away from your friends and family or have to fly across the ocean in an air plane.
  10. You finally grow your wings. The first thing you do is...

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Quiz topic: Who am I from wings of fire 11-15