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  • Heyo! I love the hunger games! They're the bestest book and movie out there! I will always love the hunger games forever and ever and ever and ever... PS i made this quiz and got Katniss! Yay! I hope u love the quiz and plz comment and rate! Thanks!:)

  • Ya, I'm the First to post a comment!!!!;)

    I' m glad i got Rue even if she does die in the games, she is my favorite charater and a girl(I was so hoping it would be a girl and not Peta) I POSTED FIRST!

    P.S. i am a lot like her!
    Your Result: Rue

    You are a sweet and soft spoken person. You care about the minds of other people and can be shy at times. You are also very smart and know how to make very thought out plans.


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