Which ZTA diva are you!??

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Of course all ZTA's are superstars, and all of us are unique! Our founders were just as diverse as Zeta Tau Alpha is now! It takes all kinds to make such a magnificent group of girls! I know you all are dying to find out ...

The answer to your most burning question: Which Zeta DIVA Founder are you!!??? Now is your chance to find out! Take this quiz to discover which of 5 amazing zeta founders you are most like!

Created by: Lisa

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  1. It's finally summer vacation; the weather is beautiful. What is the first thing you think of to do??
  2. You go to a party, and you don't know anyone. What do you do?
  3. When it comes time to choose your major, you choose...
  4. If you had a choice where would you live?
  5. How would your friends describe you?
  6. If you were a ZTA Founder what would you be responsible for??
  7. What would you say your best quality as a ZTA sister is?
  8. Your favorite ZTA activity is ...
  9. What kind of animal would you be if you could choose?
  10. You see yourself married ...

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Quiz topic: Which ZTA diva am I!??