Which WWE wrestler are you?

A lot of WWE fans are going to see this quiz and think, "Hey, I should try that quiz out!" Even if you aren't a fan, you should still try it. Comment to show what you got! But just don't post the result description.

Do you think you can get a good guy, or a bad guy? 50/50 is the chance of you getting something good. Are you ready to step up? To be a man/ woman and take the test? Lets find out!

Created by: gimmegame78
  1. What do you take insults as?
  2. What royal position suits you?
  3. Wrestler or Commentator?
  4. Who are you hoping to get?
  5. If i was Daniel Bryan (i wish), what would you say to me?
  6. What phrase describes your hair?
  7. Raw or Smack Down?
  8. Are you a baby-face (good guy) or a heel (bad guy)
  9. Rate?
  10. Comment?

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Quiz topic: Which WWE wrestler am I?