Which wrestling company are you?

The three biggest wrestling promotions in the US are World Wrestling Entertainment, Total Nonstop Action, and Ring of Honor. They all offer a brand of wrestling that is slightly different from the other.

Have you ever wondered which wrestling promotion is most like your personality? Probably not because you have a life. But take this quiz anyway to find out!

Created by: amazon

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  1. A huge exam is coming up in one of your classes. How do you prepare for the test?
  2. A hottie walks by your table as you're dining with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Do you take a second peek?
  3. Finish the saying: All work and no play makes Jack a _______
  4. Which description describes you best?
  5. Are you usually working hard, hardly working, or neither?
  6. How do you feel about office politics at your job? (Otherwise known as "gossip", "backstabbers", etc)
  7. What do your Friday nights look like typically?
  8. Chris Jericho should sign with....
  9. I like my steak....
  10. My favorite type of music is

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Quiz topic: Which wrestling company am I?