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  • Which World of Warcraft class would suit you best?

    Your Result: The Warlock

    You are proud, highly intelligent - and you think of your friends as servants. Yes, you are gifted and yes, they are not. And because of your charismatic personality they will follow you even if you tread them badly. But if you think of them (and tread) them like feeling beings they will follow you even more faithful and you take responsibility for them as you know thinks they don't.

    The Rogue
    The Mage
    The Warrior
    The Deathknight
    The Hunter
    The Druid
    The Priest
    The Shaman
    The Paladin
    Yeah right
    I have 2 hunters
    1 priest
    2 palidans
    I dont even HAVE any warlocks
    I should be a hunter

    Miss Awesome
  • Your Result: The Shaman 84%

    You are a real all-rounder! You are great in teamwork and even greater alone. You are realistic and truthful and you know how "it" works. Don't let the others put too much pressure on you and don't try to fit in too many roles the same time and you'll be just fine.

    83% The Druid
    74% The Warlock
    72% The Mage
    67% The Hunter
    64% The Priest
    55% The Deathknight
    52% The Paladin
    43% The Warrior
    31% The Rogue
    lol Main is a shaman

  • Miss Awesome you fail to realise that this is depicting wat would be best for you. Its not wat you are. The Quiz doesnt believe that u should be a warlock but u arent and that doesnt matter. And it doesnt matter if u think about because warlocks and hunters are almost the same. Pet = demon. Magic = ranged.There the exact same. Anyway i believe this is actually a very good quiz because it doesnt make the point of wat ure going to be obvious.

  • Mage (of course). I roleplay a Gnome Mage and I do tend to play intelligence-based casters in all the RPGs I play.


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