which wizardz of waverly place character are you quiz

My quiz is about the show wizards of waverly place if you ever wondered what character you are on that show here is you chance to find out I hope you enjoy the quiz thank you so much !!! :D

I did this quiz because I like selena gomez and I like that show a lot its my favorite show so please enjoy my quiz and I hope you enjoy it thanks so much !!!! :D

Created by: Marissa
  1. Would you use magic wisely
  2. Would you use magic wisely
  3. Are you smart
  4. Would you give up magic for love
  5. What's your fave color
  6. What's your fav food
  7. Are you group are you in
  8. Did you like this quiz
  9. Will u rate my quiz
  10. Are you in love
  11. Do u have boy friend
  12. Do u have a girlfriend
  13. Do u watch wizards of waverly place on. Disney channel

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Quiz topic: Which wizardz of waverly place character am I quiz