Which Wings of Fire tribe are you in?

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Hi everyone! If you are a big Wings of Fire Fan, then you have probably wondered what tribe you would be in if you were a dragon. Well, take this quiz to find out!

Could you be a fire-breathing SkyWing? A mysterious and powerful NightWing? A Venom-tailed SandWing? A frost-breathing IceWing? A venom shooting and camouflaging RainWing? A broad-shouldered MudWing? Or an Aquatic-speaking SeaWing? There are so many questions, and all of them can be answered by doing this quiz.

Created by: WoF_Deathbringer of Wings of Fire Roleplay
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  1. What is your favorite environment?
  2. Which ability would you want the most?
  3. You would want to be:
  4. Which element do you like the most?
  5. You are attacked. What do you do?
  6. Which is your favorite Original Dragonet?
  7. Who is your favorite Alternate?
  8. Which tribe do you think you're in?
  9. Thanks for taking my quiz! You can try my other quizzes, like: "Which Wings of Fire dragonet are you?"
  10. Thank you for taking my quiz!

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Quiz topic: Which Wings of Fire tribe am I in?