Which Wings of Fire OC is your Crush? (For girls) Part one

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Created by: AstridTheSkywing
  1. Hello reader! You are BTW An IceWing Skywing hybrid named Silvermist. You have just arrived at jade mountain and can't find your Cave. What do you do?
  2. -If you choose "HELP ME IM LOST!"- All the students in the room stare at you like you've gone mad except for two. They BOLTH walk up to you at the SAME TIME?! The first one is Current the seawing the second is droplet the Rainwing Apparently their the best of friends. What do you say to them?
  3. -If you choose ask Fatespeaker- "Hello Silvermist! I'm Fatespeaker. here's your Map and winglet scroll! Have Fun!" "Wait!" You ask before leaving. "What?" She asks What do you say?
  4. -If you choose Walk up to a Random Student- "You do not smell. And no i don't help other dragons." "Who are you!?" You ask. He smirks. "I'm Steel." What do you think about Steel?
  5. -If you choose Grab Random Student In a choke hold- "Wha-" the student chokes dropping his scrolls clawing at his neck. "WHERE IS IT TELL ME?!" The sandwing students face turns red with anger. Or Lack of air either one works. "I-i realy don't know i'm a little busy with my work here-" He passes out in your arms. Other students are fleeing in terror. Quick! what do you do with the body? -Me HIDE THE EVEDENCE WOMEN!-
  6. -If you choose I don't need help- You steal a random dragons scroll with the yelling "WHAT THE-" And start reading, YES THE RIGHT SCROLL WITH THE CAVES LIST! nice. You run into a big Mudwing, You quickly look through the scroll to find out his names Axel. He seems to be flirting with some ladys. Hmm. He looks towards you and says, "Hello good lookin, your a hybrid huh it seems like a Skywing Icewing one, You look smoken." He winks. -Me while your reading this across the room. Get it cause fire and ice make smoke like Icewings make ice and Skywings make- know what never mind- How do you react to him flirting to you?
  7. -If you choose Bribe Random Student- "MEEEEEE I'LL HELP YOUUUU!" A dark Nightwing pushes through the crowd forming around you. "OK I'LL SELL TO THE SADDEST STORY OF WHY YOU NEED IT!" Who's story do you choose?
  8. -If you choose bring them down bring them back up- "Uhm- the Sandwing named Diamondback Stuttered. "Ok Thank you and Wow I'm offended. Uhm- I mean why should I again?" She asked. Why should she help you?
  9. -If you choose knock them out and interogate them- The dragon you knocked out named Diamondback Awakes to a bright light shown in her eyes. "What- w-where am I?" "Hehehe" You chuckle by the back wall. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" She roars. "I WANT TO KNOW WHERE MY CAVE IS!" You roar back Pounding your talons on the table. "Wait what?" "YA YOU HEARD ME!" "OK OK I CAN LEMME GO WE CAN DO THIS AFTER SIENCE IN THE MAIN HALL JEEZ LADY." She says. What do you think about this?
  10. -ALL ANSWERS END UP HERE- _In sience_ You walk into the lab filled room in awe. THIS PLACE IS AWSOME. You grab a seat in -The row of your choice- Next to
  11. -After the seat question- OK class. A soft kind voice says in the front, it was Clay. He Says some weird sience question and you ALL raise your hand except Steel and Axel, Apparently too cool for school. "Silvermist? Can you answer this question for us please?" Clay asks. What do you say?
  12. -After sience if you bribed someone-"OK Here's your cave!" -Whoever you chose- said"THANK YOU! your work is most appreciated!""Aww I really did nothing an you DID Pay me you know." -Whoever you chose- Blushed."Uhm" What do you do know that your finished. BTW you didn't pay them yet.
  13. Your walking from your cave when Axel traps you in his cave. "DIDN'T I GET THE POINT THROUGH?!" You Yell in his face "I HAVE NO INTREST IN YOU. I SEE YOU AS A BULLY.""But i have intrest in you~ can't you make me happy~" He says 'romanticaly'. "Step away from Silvermist." You see someone at the door. It's- Steel? "I can handle myself." You say struggling in Axels grasp. Steel ignores you and lunges at Axel. What do you do?
  14. -The end of part one- Please comment on how you liked the quiz we then know if you liked it and if we should continue with them! Don't see all the parts to your quiz? Don't worry! We/I At Astrid Inc don't stop with our quizzes so check back regularly! Tysm for playing! (These do NOT affect your score)

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Quiz topic: Which Wings of Fire OC is my Crush? (For girls) Part one