Which Wings Of Fire OC is your crush? (For girls) Part Four

Hello! I am AstridTheSkywing! Welcome to my quiz! Here at Astrid Inc. we create Wof Content for ALL Ages! Have fun answering these silly questions. We/I love you Astroids!💞💕

Astrid Inc. Was founded in June 8 2021 by an unknown creater only known to Family and friends, This world Is based on a sieries called Wings Of Fire by: Tui T sutherland.

Created by: AstridTheSkywing
  1. -After the clubs- WHEW! I'm so tired, but hungry. Who Should You ask to have lunch with you?
  2. While your going to ask (Who you chose) to have some dinner with you, you get pulled into some side closet thingy. Some dragon says, "Silver mist! It's me, Starfall. I wanted to tell you this-" What do you think about this?
  3. "I-I. I'm working for someone... Who wants me to-" He paused figuring out what to say. "To kill hybrids, Hybrids like, you." He rushed hurrying on. "But I like you you seem cool, so I confinced him to let me do tests you instead to see what cells you have and what DNA. So before I knock you out- Please remember that-" Then everything turned black. Guess what Starfall was about to say.
  4. -In Diamondbacks perspective- "Hey guys. Where's Silvermist?" Diamondback asked the other dragons in her winglet. "I don't know. Studying?" Baobab guessed. "Ha, Only you of all dragons would do THAT." Axel snickered. "No guys she's right." Current says sitting up. "She was just talking to me a few hours ago." What should Diamondback do?
  5. -If you choose Alert the Teachers- Diamondback ran to Tsunami's office panting by the time she got there. She heard voices inside as she busted the door open. Tsunami's office was painted white with presents from her mother queen coral on the walls. "HELP! A STUDENTS MISSING!" Diamondback yells running to Tsunami, and Steel? Steel wasn't there with their winglet earlier. "I know. That's what I'm doing now, trying to find her." Tsunami said. How did Tsunami know?
  6. -If you choose ask them to hep you find Silvermist- "Guys, can you help me? She's ALL of our friend's we can't leave her like this..." Diamondback asked. "I'll do it." Droplet said. "She doesn't judge me for being a tough Rainwing, so I respect her for that." "I won't, she was a giant jerk to me. But, hmmm. It WOULD be a romantic story, Me Axel the prince saving his damsel in destress. Ok sure, why not." Axel said talking half to himself. "Lets go find our friend." "Uhm." Current said confused. "Where's Starfall?" Where do you think Starfall is?
  7. -If you choose find her yourself- You dissapear from the group, looking though Jade mountain. You go into her cave but nobodys there, You find a note on her bed it says 'I've gone home, I got tired of this hugging school so I left.' What do you think of this?
  8. -ALL ANSWERS END UP HERE!- Suddenly everything turns black. You wake up in a chair with only one light up above you. You see a black dragon in the shadows. "Looking for Silvermist huh? Well let me show you her." The black dragon pushes a chair forward, It's Silvermist! What do you think of this?
  9. The black dragon steps into the light. "Starfall! I should've known!" You scream launching yourself forward in your chair, struggling. "She's mine now, mine for expearamenting on! My boss hates hybrids so he had me kill her. But..." He stopped, thinking if he should tell me something or not. Diamondback realized. "I-I love her, so I talked him out of it." Suddenly, Starfall picked up a pouch from the ground with a sleeping dart. Quick! What do you do?
  10. THE END! Joking! Please comment on how you liked my quiz! Tank you for playing Astrid Inc. content! Love you Astroids! (These answers have no effect on your score)

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Quiz topic: Which Wings Of Fire OC is my crush? (For girls) Part Four