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  • Which wife of Henry VIII are you?
    Your Result: Katherine Howard 91%

    Katherine Howard was the fifth wife of King Henry. She was a maid in waiting to Anne of Cleves. She was only very young, 17-22 years old when she married King Henry. He was 50, and very overweight. After just over a year of being married, she was executed for Adultery, with Thomas Culpepper, her cousin. She was said to of been youthful, virtuous, ditzy and flirty. She was moderatley beautiful, and the King called her his "Rose without a thorn". He was said to have been heart broken when she was executed.

    26% Jane Seymour
    26% Anne Boleyn
    26% Katherine Parr
    10% Catherine of Aragon
    10% Anne of Cleves


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