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  • Leafpool 60%

    Aw, how sweet! Youre quiet, gentle, compassionate, loving and just a little weird every now and then! People may view you as weak or undefended but they know that theres a definite line that they *do not* want to cross! You are always trying to please everyone and make everyone happy but in doing that, you end up a little confused on what is the right thing to do. Remember that as long as you are trying, you are doing fine.

    this is very accurate but i got 0% for Squirrelflight

  • Your Result: Graystripe 60%

    You are funny, cheerful and fun to be around, although sometimes a little bit clumsy or forgetful. You have a great sense of humour and find that you can get along with almost anyone if you put your mind to it! Your smiling exterior does tend to hide your true feelings when you are going through something hard, mainly because you have been through a lot - but you have great inner strength, which is why you have made it this far. Keep it up!

    Wow! Great quiz! Are you sure you don't know me?

  • Your Result: Hollyleaf 86%

    You are smart, kind, sensible, a rule-follower and generally down-to-earth wow! People usually respect you and your choices, but sometimes are annoyed by the fact that you dont like to stray too far from the ordinary unless youre doing something that you believe is right. You generally dont like to get involved in conflict or schemes, and we dont really blame you but sometimes, for the sake of change, try walking on the wild side.

    69% Leafpool
    17% Yellowfang

  • Gray stripe,I can relate sense we both had somewhat of a rough past and I'm always hiding my emotions with a fake smile most of the time. Gray stripe is one of my favorites. Pawsome quiz mate.

  • Firt I got Leafpool and I'm like "What? maybe last year I was like that" then I took the quiz again and I got Yellowfang. Much better.

    Good quiz with descriptive results.

  • yay i got yellowfang! the only thing better would be to get crowfeather the king of awesome but he's not in this quiz so whatever!

  • Althogh I got leafpool Graystripe describes me better.

  • I got grayshadow everything the dec. said was so true about me

    great quiz ^^

  • I got Leafpool,yay!
    wo nderful quiz^^


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