Which Warriors Cat are you?

Which Warrior Cat Are You? Do you have the skills and knowledge to be a true leader? Or can you serve your clan best as a deputy or warrior? Maybe your calling is to be a mother or maybe you're just too ambitious for your own good...

Are you Firestar, loyal and strong. Or Graystripe, the deputy? Maybe it's Sandstorm, headstrong and clever mate. Or possibly Tigerstar, If you evil. Could it be Brambleclaw, who's loyalty is questioned.Or maybe Bluestar, who faces so many challenges. Take the quiz and find out!

Created by: Rhiannon
  1. Are you ambitious to lead your Clan?
  2. Do you like hunting or fighting best?
  3. Are you a good mentor
  4. Are you a good fighter?
  5. Do you have a mate?
  6. Have you ever killed?
  7. What coloured pelt do you have?
  8. What is your warrior name ending with?
  9. What is your job in the clan?
  10. Who was/is your mate?

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Quiz topic: Which Warriors Cat am I?