which warrior cat are you?

hi take mah quiz quizy quiz quiz quiz quiz quiz quiz quiz quiz quiz auizisi i am spelling everything wrong of F no one reads these things anyways!!!!

no one reads these things but i started this quiz a year ago and i just now finished it so i dont even know what this quiz is ABOUT thank u very mych

Created by: Omega_Wolf

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  1. you go to the gathering. The first thing you do is...
  2. you see shadowclan attack your camp! you:
  3. you are told to hunt. you:
  4. blossompaw needs her warrior name. you name her: (does not affect score)
  5. what do you want to get?
  6. you find out you have kits. you:
  7. what do you do in your spare time?
  8. hvefklagijehgpijq
  9. what is this face? :3
  10. what is your fav. warrior cat book?

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat am I?