which warrior cat are you?

warning; THIS QUIZ IS FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ THE ERIN HUNTER SERIES, WARRIORS. have you ever wondered what kind of warrior you would be? well here are a few I made up!

now you can finally know what type of warrior cat you are! I didn't put which clans they were in, just in case people didn't like their result. thanks to this great quiz, people can finally find out who they would be!

Created by: marz

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what color pelt is your favorite? (out of these ones)
  2. a cat from another clan states that he/she loves you, and wants to run away with you. your reaction?
  3. what kind of prey do you eat?
  4. in a battle against bloodclan, who would you save?
  5. you have green cough, but the med den is already full of other sick cats. you;
  6. your leader is caught in a fox trap and dying quickly, but your mate is being attacked by a fox and her mate. you save;
  7. your captured by a twoleg and they make you comfey, pet you, warm you, and feed you all day long. do you stay, or leave?
  8. whats your favorite territory?
  9. favorite beginning of your name?
  10. favorite name ending?
  11. favorite kind of tree? (random question :P)
  12. (last question) did you enjoy ma quiz? (perty please be honest)

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat am I?