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  • wooo 100% sonic lol

    tara1080 Mar 28 '12, 10:19PM
  • sweet i got link i love the lenged of zelda series

    yoruichi Nov 29 '08, 6:57PM
  • Cool you should look at my quiz (Mario Vs. Sonic)

    sbstar Dec 19 '07, 12:42PM
  • crap
    mario is all like
    asnd with fire sticks
    is that idiot trying to get a good workout everytime they get home from a stressfull day at work?
    "oh hey uh, i gotta go home and relax, ya know.. try to dodge the fire sticks of death, not have my mushrooms kill me and try no to fall down into nothingness cuz i suck and didn't build any freaking floors!!
    poor mario, dyeing so much >.< Tisk tisk

    TokioHotelEmo Nov 16 '07, 3:07AM

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