Which video game character are you?

There is a huge debate between gamers, SEGA or NINTENDO? They are the two most successful game developers of our time. They may not have however, developed the greatest characters.

What character are you?! A sega hero? A nintendo trooper? Or something else completely and is just trying to find home? Find out now! The final outcomes will be Mario, Sonic, Rayman, Pacman or the almost forgotten, Croc.

Created by: Angus
  1. Do you prefer to play characters that would appear in real life?
  2. Spin, punch, Squash?
  3. Can you swim?
  4. Do you go on adventures with a goal?
  5. You have sequels right, is it always the same bad guy?
  6. Do you let your friends get involved on the act?
  7. Can you gain powers during the game?
  8. What is your main colour?
  9. Ever been on TV?
  10. Sega or Nintendo?
  11. Most recent game release as of May 2009?

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Quiz topic: Which video game character am I?