Which Upper Moon Are You?(Kimetsu No Yaiba)

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Out of the 6 upper moons in Kimetsu No Yaiba(Demon Slayer) take this test to see which one fits your personality the best. Try not to be too mad if you don't get what you want.

Could possibly be considered spoilers? Idk but they're all characters who haven't been animated yet. However, I didn't include what happens to them, only their personalities so.

Created by: Tymon
  1. You're about to kill a human, you...
  2. Describe yourself
  3. You're fighting against a demon hunter who's cut your head off, will you...
  4. What do you hate most?
  5. Pick an item/thing
  6. What do you fight for
  7. Which is the biggest bad habit you have?
  8. What are you afraid of?
  9. What's your usual facial expression?
  10. What attack do you like the most?

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Quiz topic: Which Upper Moon am I?(Kimetsu No Yaiba)