Which type of annoying internet quiz are you?

Are you annoyed with all those personality quizzes circulating around the internet? Do you know which character you are from your favorite movies? Have you figured out how to always rig the answers in favor of your favorite results?

This quiz doesn't work that way. All the questions are completely random and even the people who wrote this quiz have no idea how it will turn out. Find out which type of personality quiz you are.

Created by: Dannyrww

  1. The vessel with the pestle has...
  2. The bread should be....
  3. Who is your favorite member of the Breakfast Club are you?
  4. You are...
  5. Are you bored yet?
  6. Why do you take these quizzes?
  7. Life's a Happy song....
  8. Why are there so many songs about rainbows?
  9. What is your name?
  10. Did you give up on this quiz yet?

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Quiz topic: Which type of annoying internet quiz am I?