Which Twilight Vamp. are you?

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Attention all twilight fans. here is a quiz for you to find out what cullen vampire you are.

Have you ever wondered what twilight character you are? are you Edward, Esme, Alice, Jasper,Carlisle or Emmett. Take this one quiz and your vampire self will be revealed.

Created by: millicent

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  1. You see someone lying injured on the road. What do you do?
  2. The school bully starts teasing you. What do you do?
  3. What would be the hardest part of being a vampire for you?
  4. best thing about being a vampire?
  5. which vampire would you like to date? (girls only)
  6. which vampire would you like to date?(boys only)
  7. what power would you like?
  8. which twilight character do you like
  9. your parents have told you that you are alowed to do anything for your birthday would you choose to have?
  10. theres an upcoming battle.would you?

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Quiz topic: Which Twilight Vamp. am I?