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  • "Who wants to hang out with Jazz?" Me: Yassss

  • Ratchet

    You are cranky, old, and grumpy. You hate the "young-bots" and wish more people were like you. Manners are a slight stretch for you, and you absolutely HATE when one of the young-bots shows off. You have one cirvo in the scapheap, according to Bumblebee...

    Yea h, that's about right... :P

  • same as puppy xo1.
    thats so me.

    then next choice was bumblebee. interesting...

  • Your Result: Prowl

    You are slick, quiet, and full of "stillness." You hate being bothered, and you love nature. When another person bothers you, you get really mad and run off to cool down. You hate being talked to, but still listen.


    Puppy xo1

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