Which THE WANTED member are you most like???

This quiz wants to tell you who in The Wanted are you most like.It has 12 questions to try to find out this valuable information and it is open to both boys and girls.

Are you a total babe like Tom Parker? or are you ok like Siva Kaneswaren? Find out in this quiz!!!

Created by: Charliejade
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who do you like best?
  2. Are you hot?
  3. What is the first letter of your name?
  4. What last name does your first name go best with?
  5. If you are female who will your boyfriend?If you are male then who is your ideal girl?
  6. What is your fav couler?
  7. What is your fav couler?
  8. What is your fav couler?
  9. What is your favorite The Wanted song?
  10. How much do you love The Wanted?

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Quiz topic: Which THE WANTED member am I most like???