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  • I got Raven like I expected too........I'm just that type of person. I LOVE to read, and prefer mostly to be alone unless it's my friends Maggie Moore, Bree Edwards, Heidi Seely, or Lesley Osborne(My cous! Yay!) I'm hanging

    out with. And my cous Sydney Wells is alot like me.... so she's fun to be around. And i like the night better than the day. I also prefer colors dark blue and silver. So not EXACTLY like Raven, but pretty much.

  • You are fun-loving and carefree, taking things seriously only when necessary. You also love video games and are empathetic towards animals. After all, you turn into them!

    Yayyy I got Beast Boy he's my fave but Im kinda sad I didn't get raven :/

    Well beast boy is legit too so I'm happy at da same time :)

  • Raven,I am much of a loner and like to be that way. I also have huge interest in the paranormal activity and dark arts magic too. I also have quite the temper when messed with. Cool quiz mate.

  • Good Quiz!

  • Beast Boy!!!

    Twilight The Owl

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