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  • I got What The Birth of Venus: Catherine Lock, Art Restorer ot sounds good but im kinda in to twilught but the book you suggested sounds really good. : )

    On "What desktop wallpaper would you have?"I had to choose

    blank because i have a That 70s Show wallpaper.Go figure.Ha get my screen name?Lol. : )

  • Totally, The Demonata. I already read the entire Cirque Du Freak series, which is the BEST vampire book EVER. I haven't read The Demonata, but since it's still Darren Shan, it MUST be amazingly good. Whatever you do, DO NOT read Twilight.

  • OMG This Lullaby was an Amazing book whoever gest it you should read it! Poison hmmmm I will have to read this book, it sounds pretty interesting.

  • This Lullaby is amazing (love the author, read all her books), Twilight is kick-a$$, and Uglies/Pretties/Spe cials/Extras (yes, this is no longer a trilogy. there is a 4th book) is awesome! cool quiz

  • DON'T WAST YOUR TIME!!!!!!! this test only has about 10 books in its library!!!!! I mean, the idea is there but the site is totally useless until they add more books. Again, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!

  • Please don't follow the spam comment below! It looks well dodgy! I'd delete it if I could :-(

  • the birth of venus? never heard of it. maybe ill try it. tho i absolutley love twilight. im rereading the series right now. im on eclipse ha

    Puppy xo1
  • i got twilight. already read it and thought it was stupid.

  • Whoo hoo! Uglies! I didn't know they made a forth one! I'm SO gonna read it!


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