Which Sword Art Online character are you?

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Do you enjoy watching anime? Particularly SAO(Sword Art Online)? Ever wonder what character you are? Are you the main character, Kirito? Maybe someone smaller..Like Lisbeth!

Take this 'Which SAO character are you' quiz and see which awesome and powerful character you are! Are you the shy and timid Sachi? Or perhaps the funny and loyal Klein!

Created by: Arianah

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats Your Favorite Color?
  2. What Weapon Would You Use?
  3. What Is Your Personality?
  4. What Is Your Gender?
  5. Do You Like To Read?
  6. Do You LOVE Food?
  7. Do You Play Video games?
  8. Which Kind Of Person Are You Attracted To?
  9. Which Is Better: TV & Movies or Books & Comics
  10. Will You Kill Someone If Your Friends Life Depends On It?

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Quiz topic: Which Sword Art Online character am I?