Which Surf Company Are You?

THis quiz helps you to find your true place in the world! Okay, maybe not but it's really cool. It tells you the surf company that you are! How cool is that!!! You can become the ultimate dude of surfing knowledge.

If you have ever thought about life on the beach or wanted to be like Tim Curran, this is the quiz to take. This lets you see how similar you are to an actual surfing company. If you are really thinking about taking this. Make your life better and do that!

Created by: Duey Smith

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the best surf spot?
  2. Which kind of Surfboard?
  3. When the best time to Surf?
  4. Are you a wipeout king/queen?
  5. What's the biggest wave you've surfed?
  6. What's the best surf fins?
  7. Have your or do you skateboard?
  8. Have you ever even surfed?
  9. Do you always take life easy?
  10. What the best surfer dude car?

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Quiz topic: Which Surf Company am I?