How much of a FedEx KINKOED are you???

"FedEx KINKO's is a company that employs many many people" All different! There are also many coworkers that come and go. The ones that stay have a passion for what they do for our company. Many of us have been here before these 2 companies merged....

"Are YOU a KINKOID?" Take this quiz, Find out how you score in the KINKO's world! Do you have the BLOOD of Kinkos running through you? Take this quiz and let us know how many TRUE KINKOIDS are out there...(Do you know the meaning of...Kinkoid)

Created by: Cathie Snyder of Cathie105
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  1. How many Pens do you carry in your apron?
  2. How much does your apron weigh?
  3. Other stuff in your apron?
  4. At home how many times out of 5 do you cathch yourself picking up the phone and starting to say..."Thank you for calling....."
  5. Do you dial out at home with pressing a (9)????
  6. When you open your purse or wallet how many green, blue or purple cards do you find?
  7. Your meeting family or friends for dinner RIGHT after work, do you....
  8. When driving on the road, you pass a fedex truck what do you do...
  9. At home, your on the often do you go to the intranet?
  10. When not working, how often do you go to kinkos?
  11. At home, in your closet, what is your MAIN device for your storage containers?
  12. How many peices of FedEx Kinkos attire do you own that was bought at YOUR OWN EXPENSE?
  13. Disaffected - a game by pursuavive company....Do you play it?
  14. Whne typing an email, im or text, do you often use...CLC or BW..?
  15. Do you know the meaning of ALT - TAB (HINT HINT)
  16. In OTP what % of the SKU's would you say you have memorized?
  17. We have a FedEx ID #, and an employee number...Would you say you use them alot?
  18. Do you have a MYSPACE? if so are your other coworkers on them?
  19. AND FINALLY........Are you taking this at work????
  20. When visiting another city/state do you notice other FedEx Kinko's?

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Quiz topic: How much of a FedEx KINKOED am I???