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  • speed
    I think invisibility would suit me better.
    but whatever...

    Nallie Jun 8 '09, 9:03PM
  • idk i gt sreingth, but i dont like bein the center of attention, so idk....

    nickolai88 May 27 '09, 11:37AM
  • Invisibility.true.i have embarrassing moments and half of the time i hate being seen.

    megasence May 25 '09, 3:25PM
  • oh yeaah invisibility!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!


    TEEHEE May 23 '09, 6:57PM
  • Which superpower best fits you?
    Your Result: Doppleganger

    If villains thought just one of you was bad enough, imagine an army of just you! This is just the kind of super power that sends the villains packing.This power means you like to be everywhere at once, and have a need to know everything about everyone.
    Invisibi lity


    Super Strength

    ohya i rock TEEHEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

    x aka mrlq x May 23 '09, 2:27PM
  • Invisibility
    Wow everything it said about me was true.

    Karkino May 23 '09, 9:31AM
  • got invisibility. i really do have some embarrassing moments, but not a lot of them!!!!! and yeah, sometimes i don't want to be seen. cool quiz anyway.

    Ansa89 May 22 '09, 6:59PM
  • Try to cut back on the cuss words, okay? That was really immature....

    katiejensisback May 22 '09, 4:32PM
  • Doppleganger. Is it like the power the guy in "Jumper" has?

    Obamadog May 21 '09, 11:43PM

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