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okay so i wanted to add alot more characters but theres a limitation of 10 possible characters which is !! :( yknow so theres no crowley, theres a few subcharacters such as homeless!cass but yeah :'D

also theres two of the characters that might be a bit out of character i did try my best though. SORRY IF YOU GOT ONE THAT DOESTN FIT U I TRIED.... HELP

Created by: Iucille
  1. parental status
  2. Which of these fears impact you the most.
  3. you have just discovered a problem that cannot be avoided, its inevidable, what do u think/do?
  4. What is your humour based around?
  5. when you do things for people, why are you doing them
  6. how do you react to conflict
  7. which of these is most important to you
  8. your friend is visiting, what do u want to do :D
  9. how often do you get blamed for things that arent your fault
  10. fill in the blank!!i enjoyy _____!!
  11. how good is your understanding of your own emotions
  12. do you feel safe in your home?

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