which superhero are you

evr wondered what super hero you could be, no? well ok maybe i'm just a giant geek but i made this quiz any way so please read the next paragraph for hints

if you are a girl click girl because then there is lots of chance you will be a feamale hero, boys if you end up with a female hero then you might be a little to femine don't worry there are male out comes to!

Created by: isaac

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. pick some coulers!
  2. a man falls over in the street. then an explosion happens just oppiste what the heck's happening?
  3. what's your fighting style?
  4. hulk's attacking new york! what do you do?
  5. who do you save the presdent our the girl of your dreams?
  6. what would be the coolest way to die?
  7. what is the coolest super power?
  8. who would be your perfect rival?
  9. a civil war means you have too choose who's side you want to be on the laws or the unlaws. which side do you choose?
  10. decode this... holccate

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Quiz topic: Which superhero am I