what superhero are you

Have you ever wondered what kind of superhero you are. Did you ever wonder what it feels like to save someones life. What powers you would have. Take this quiz and find out what your realy made of.

Are you a power hungry monster or are you a chill and clever mastermind. There are eight different out comes you could be. Find out now and descover if you have what it takes.

Created by: Scott
  1. A building with people inside is on fire. All the bottom floor doors are barricade. What do you do.
  2. Theres a bank robery. 2 men have guns and there are 5 hostages. You must make a destaction to get inside. What do you do.
  3. Whats your favorite color
  4. whats your favorit sport?
  5. what is your weapon of choice?
  6. Pick one that stands out to you.
  7. How do you describe life?
  8. Life is a game
  9. Which situation would you rather be in?
  10. What element are you.
  11. How often do you work out
  12. night time or day time
  13. What do you like about yourself?
  14. Can people trust you?
  15. Giant robot is destroying the city. Whats on your mind.
  16. Y would you want to be a hero in the first place.
  17. How many times has Money$$$ been a answer in this quiz.
  18. Whats your fear.
  19. How was your child hood?

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