Which Super Mario Richie Character Are You?

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This was something I was interested into doing so I made this just for you guys to try out and see if you are Bowser Larry Lemmy Iggy Morton Roy Bowser Jr or Bowser

This is also a Personality quiz this tells me if you are happy guy or if you are just retarded or weird. No offense to the people who get a character that they don’t act like but there’s no big deal!

Created by: NewSavageGuy757YT

  1. Are you obsessed with Fortnite
  2. Are you retarded?
  3. Are you Popular
  4. Do you like to care for Children?
  5. Do you like apps like Snapchat/instagram?
  6. Are you always happy?
  7. Do you act Stupid/Weird
  8. Are you hyper?
  9. Do you like to hang out with people
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Super Mario Richie Character am I?