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  • Hahaha stupid quiz get a life dumb---

    Gabriel S Mar 6 '13, 12:51AM
  • What the h*ll? PREPPY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    "Your snobby mean to lower class kids and call everyone a poser! your very bright you love to shop at abercrombie and hollister a 10 dollar shirt is not good enough for you, you want a 100 dollar shirt."
    I AM NOT A SNOB! I HATE Abercrombie and Hollister. They are lame. If anything, I fit into "in the middle" there is no "in the middle" option. Again, are you kidding me? What kind of quiz is this?

    Thunderclap Sep 13 '12, 5:26PM
  • I got Emo, true...I dress like that... But don't be so judge mental! The things you said about Emos are NOT right.

    rubyring123 Aug 13 '11, 9:15PM
  • oh really...? i never guess that 'EMO' was my result.

    vogue Sep 3 '09, 12:13AM
  • this quiz is qay;
    i hate it.(:

    bob123 Jul 14 '08, 2:49AM

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